Our Mentors

Meet some of our mentors.

Rofhiwa Nemudzivhadi

Country: South Africa

Data Analyst @ IQBusiness

Rofhiwa Nemudzivhadi is a data scientist with a background in Statistics and Information Systems

Robert Czanik

Country: South Africa

Data Scientist @ ThoroughTec Simulation

Robert Czanik is a Data Scientist with a PhD in Space Research (Astrophysics)

Davidpraise Kalu

Country: Serbia

Data Scientists @ Data Hacker

David Praise Chukwuma Kalu is a Data Scientist at DataHacker in Serbia. He is also completing his studies in Software and Data Engineering and was voted as one of the 20 most inspiring Data Scientists to follow on Twitter in 2020 by AI Time Journal

Zaheeda Tshankie

Country: South Africa

Data Scientist @ Telkom

Zaheeda Tshankie is a data scientist who completed a data science bootcamp through Explore Data Science Academy and is currently pursuing a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Sifiso Mngomezulu

Country: South Africa

Group HR Data Analyst @ Transaction Capital Risk Services

Sifiso Mngomezulu is a data analyst with previous experience working as a Data Scientist at Wits Health Consortium. He has an academic background in Information Systems and Mathematical Statistics

Rising Odegua

Country: Nigeria

Machine Learning Engineer @ Crevatal

Prior to his current job, Rising spent over a year working as a Data Scientist/Researcher performing data science research and product testing and data analytics.

David Fourie Stephens

Country: South Africa

Data Scientist @ Capitec Bank

David works as a data scientist at Capitec Bank. David holds a Masters in Economics from Stellenbosch University

Anita Okoh

Country: Germany

Data Scientist Consultant@ Dathappy

Anita currently works as Data Scientist consultant at Datahappy, prior to which she contracted as a Data Scientist at Kineo.ai

Collins Madisife

Country: Nigeria

Data Scientist @ Reliance HMO

Collins currently works as Data Scientist at Reliance HMO, with an academic background in Petroleum Engineering

Mayowa Oludoyi

Country: Nigeria

BI Consultant @ United Bank of Africa

Mayowa currently works as BI Consultant at the United Bank of Africa, with an academic background in Mechanical Engineering

Our Team

Meet the team

Emmanuel Sibanda

Co-Founder and CEO

Jasmine Desvarieux

Co-Founder and COO

Ajibola Lawal

Teaching Assistant

Percy Mokone

Teaching Assistant

Tshokelo Tumelo Mokubi

Teaching Assistant

Nerona Sook

Teaching Assistant

Mukovhe Justice Mukwevho

Teaching Assistant

How The Gradient Boost works

Signup Process

As you go through the signup process we will ask you questions to better understand you, how you would like to pay our fee and to understand when and how to reach out to you to explain how The Gradient Boost works, get a deeper understanding of your goals and aspirations and give you an opportunity to ask any questions to help you make a more informed decision.

Mentor Guided Learning

Once classes commence you will have access to two live weekly mentorship sessions with Data Scientists from across Africa. Your mentors will walk you through some of the issues you are struggling with and explain concepts in our curriculum to you in a more practical way to ensure understanding. These tutorials are recorded and shared with you, giving you a lifetime of videos that you can always go back to in order to revise things you may have forgotten.

Weekend Workshops

We have workshops every weekend, the majority of which are only open to our registered students. These workshops are led by either your workshop mentor (a Data Scientist), or guest Data Scientists, recruiters and other specialists from around the world to either give you a practical workshop on a useful skill or tool that isn't included in the core curriculum (e.g Tableau or Web Scraping) or to walk you through a case study or interview questions to expect in a Data Science interview.


Upon successful completion of our course you will receive a digitally shareable certificate signed off by atleast 4 Data Scientists based on your assignments and project submission. Through our partnership with Diwala the certificate is backed by the blockchain.


We help ensure that you are keeping up with your course progress. Since our Introduction to Data Science course is self-paced you will have an accountability partner to help you define a weekly study schedule and to ensure that you are not falling behind. You will also a weekly catchup call to understand any major concerns you have about the course and your progress in general.

Data Science portfolio

As part of the curriculum, we will help you start building up your data science portfolio with projects and case studies tailored to your interests. This will help showcase your skills to potential employers.

A community of learners

Through our Slack channel you will be able to interact with other learners and mentors to not only keep you motivated and learning but to create networking opportunities.