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We live in a world that is increasingly becoming more data driven. Data has become the language of communication. Acquiring the necessary skills to derive insights from data gives you access to not only high paying career options, but jobs that can allow you to work remotely, the ability to understand what data science is and use that to guide important decision making in your organization and the ability to use your skills to work entirely as a freelancer or to start your own analytics business.

Our introductory course has been carefully designed with the assistance of experienced data scientists working in companies across Africa giving you a solid foundation. Learn More

Why choose Gradient Boost?

Learn with the guidance of a mentor

Mentors make learning a lot easier and more practical. The Gradient Boost gives you access to two weekly mentorship sessions from mentors who work as data scientists across Africa to help you hone your skills. You will also have access to weekly tutorials led by Data Scientists, Hiring Managers and Recruiters from around the world.

Industry guided curriculum

Our curriculum was built with input from data scientists throughout Africa to create more realistic and practical learning material. Our curriculum is updated consistently to remain relevant to trends emerging in Data Science both regionally and globally.

Earn an internship

We have partnered with companies to offer internships to some learners that complete our Introduction to Data Science program.

Project based learning

We work with you to build your data science portfolio to better showcase your skills and differentiate yourself from other candidates in the job market.

Learn at your own pace

Some people learn quickly, some need more time to master a topic. Learn at a pace that is both appropriate for your learning style and schedule.


Our course is priced to be affordable to all students with payment plans available to increase access.

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