Build and hire remote data science contractor teams

Hire interns/fellows guided by our lead data scientist and our data science mentors

Hire full time data science professionals


Communication and Presentation



Data Engineering

Machine Learning

Data Cleaning

Looking to Learn Data Science?

We train students looking to get into data science through a 6 month full time fellowship. Through our training you will receive mentorship from data science professionals in the form of multiple weekly tutorials, peer to peer learning through group projects and you will work on real world case studies and projects from different companies. You will not be required to pay upfront fees for our training.

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A sample of what to expect

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  • Supported by The Gradient Boost data science mentors and Teaching Assistants
  • Hiring Success Lead to guide student through regular checkins
  • Contract can be terminated at any point
  • Customized duration (3 months minimum)

Full Time Hire

  • Once off placement fee after hire
  • Select from pool of TGB graduates
  • 3 month replacement guarantee

Contractor(s) + Data Strategy

  • Experienced data scientists
  • Experienced data engineers
  • Junior and Senior level
  • Pricing based on project complexity
  • Remote or inhouse (depending on location)
  • Access to senior Data Science leadership to guide data strategy